For Sellers

How do I list my items on the website?
Listing your items is easy, simply complete our online form. Once you complete the form, our team will contact you to double check the details to ensure it's all correct, then your item will be listed for auction on our website. Click here to complete the online form.
I have a piece of used equipment, am I able to list it for auction?
Yes! We accept new and used items for our auctions. If you're ready to list your items, click here to complete the online form.
I want to list a bulky item, can you help with shipping?
Yes! We can assist you with organising shipping within Australia and may be able help if you need to send your item internationally. If you need helping organising shipping your item, contact us!
I have multiple items I want to list for auction, is there any easier way to do this?
You can complete our online form listing for each item, however if you would prefer, you can contact us and arrange to list all your items for auctions
What is the Sellers Premium?
Cater Equip Auctions sellers premium is a flat 6% for all items sold.
For example:

Successful Bid Price is $100 + 6% Sellers Premium = $106 +10% GST = Invoice Total of $116.60 + (delivery fee if applicable)

For Buyers

Do items available for auction include shipping and delivery?
Unfortunately not, cost price is just for the items, unless stated otherwise. In some cases, you may be able to arrange pick-up for the item or if you're not within a close proximity, we can assist with the arranging of shipping.
What condition are the items for sale?
Our items for auction can be new or used. On each listing, it will specify the condition the piece of equipment is in and will make note of any notable issues (e.g. small dints, broken lights etc.). If you have any questions about the condition of the equipment, you will be able to contact the seller via the listing.
What is Autobid?

Placing an Autobid is an easy way of continuing to bid if you are too busy or just away from your computer.

How Autobids work

Select the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item(s) you are bidding on. Once you have confirmed a bid, you are committed to paying up to your maximum bid for each item.

The Cater Equip Auction Autobid system does the work for you by comparing your bid to other bidders and increasing your bid by increments up to your maximum bid amount to win the auction.

If someone bids higher than your maximum amount, you will receive a "You have been outbid" email. You can then decide whether or not to increase your maximum amount. Note: It must be done before the auction ends.

How to Place an Autobid?

To place an Autobid, please ensure you are registered with Cater Equip Auctions and have signed in before placing a bid.

1. Select the Autobid function by clicking on the circle next to auto bid

2. Select the maximum bid price you are willing to pay for each item from the drop down menu

3. Click place bid

4. Check the details are correct and confirm bid

If you would like to increase your Autobid or bid quantity:

1. Go to the lot page you are currently winning

2. Select a quantity that is either your current bid quantity or higher; you cannot reduce the quantity you are bidding on until you have been outbid

3. Select an Autobid amount that is higher than your current Autobid

4. Make sure you select 'Autobid' as the bid type every time you update your bid

5. Click on the place bid button (Other bidders cannot view your maximum Autobid price).

IMPORTANT: The bid amount you select for your auto bid is per item, if you are bidding on more than one item, please take the total price including freight and buyers premium into consideration before committing to the auction
What is the Buyers Premium?

Cater Equip Auctions has a Variable Buyers Premium where the percentage of buyer’s premium will change once a bid price of $1000 or more is reached. A 20% Buyer’s Premium applies when the bidding is less than $1000, moving to 12% buyer’s premium once the bidding reaches $1000 or more. The Buyer’s Premium will be added to your final bid price.

For example:

Successful Bid Price is $100 + 20% Buyers Premium = $120 +10% GST = Invoice Total of $132.00 + (delivery fee if applicable)

Successful Bid Price is $1000 + 12% Buyers Premium = $1120 +10% GST = Invoice Total of $1232.00 + (delivery fee if applicable)

Payment - Invoice totals exceeding $5000 must be paid by direct deposit within 2 days of auction closing.